Save Mary Lake

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Mary Lake in British Columbia

Help preserve the wilderness at Mary Lake, British Columbia. Visit

Efforts are underway to buy the land for sustainable living in a cohousing community and to keep most of the lake undeveloped. Cohousing is a community of private homes sharing common facilities. Each home has its own kitchen and other amenities, but additional facilities are owned and used by everybody — perhaps a communal kitchen and dining room where groups get together for meals a couple of times a week. A workshop. A children’s play area. Guest accommodation. A garden.

Co-housing communities are planned, designed, owned and managed by the residents to respond directly to their needs and values. Decision making is generally by consensus.  Homes are usually clustered to facilitate a sense of community, which also reduces the environmental footprint. Because everyone shares the infrastructure costs, using renewable energy and sustainable building practices become more affordable.

This needs to be done elsewhere too. Mary Lake is a great example of this type of effort but it is not yet a success story.  Help is needed.  A social media campaign with Twitter hashtag #MaryLake raised a lot of money but not enough, so the project has been changed from its original lofty goal. The fundraising campaign based on $10 per square meter donations has been suspended for now. The Save Mary Lake website was down for a few months but is now restored, and the Facebook page is active with beautiful  photos from the lake.  Go to Save Mary Lake.